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About NMR and Consulting

We have three college students working part time as well as the owner/operator.  


Sendin Bajric
Sendin Bajric, Chemistry Student  Millikin University
Ebony Hughey
Ebony Hughey, Chemistry Student Millikin University
Drake Mellott
Drake Mellott, Chemistry Student Millikin University
Gary Juneau
Gary Juneau, Owner and Operator




I started NMR A&C in August 1996 after purchasing the equipment from Tate and Lyle and worked for them on a contract basis while slowly building the business.   We replaced the old Varian console with a new Tecmag Apollo in 2004 and added two new probes.     

Gary Juneau, proprietor of NMR Analysis and Consulting.
B.S. University of New Orleans, 1970
Ph.D.  Louisiana State University 1977
1979- 1991, Olin Corp., Cheshire, CT.
1991-1996, Tate and Lyle Corp. 
1996 -present NMR A&C