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NMR Analysis and Consulting

We offer 400 Mhz NMR Services to Industry and Academia.


We solve research and quality control problems with NMR spectroscopy.

We provide NMR data to our clients in the pharamceutical, food product, polymer, and various other chemical industries.  We have also done detailed organic structure elucidations of pharmaceuticals and food products.  We have  made  hundreds of quantitive determinations of purity and substitution levels of many materials. 

We understand your need for quick turn-around!

  • One or two day turn-around for routine samples.
  • Controlled substance licences, FDA inspected.

We will be happy to discuss your NMR application!   e-mail


 9.4 Tesla superconducting magnet.  

We have several probes for running almost any magnetic nuclide in solution or solid state.  We use a state of the art Tecmag Apollo console with direct internet connection.