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Exemestane Structure Determination

Exemestane Stgructure






We'll use a sample of exemestane (supplied by Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, Grafton, WI) to demonstrate how NMR spectroscopy can be used to determine the structure of a compound.   It's very difficult to determine the identity of a compound from scratch.  In our case we already know the structure, and we'll  assign the signals.    We'll start by looking at the basic 1H and 13C Spectra.      Continue

Solid State NMR Demonstration

Most NMR s done with a liquid state  sample as the demnonstrated above.    However, sometimes the sample isn't soluble or else we want to get information about the material in the solid state.  We describe the basic techniques for taking the spectra of solids, Cross Polarization Magic Angle Spinning, CPMAS.  Our sample is amorphous starch and the CPMAS spectrum is shown below.   The spectrum is anologous to that of a liquid state 13C spectrum.  We see the C-1's from the glucose residues at about 100ppm, C-4's  at about 80ppm, and C-6's at 60ppm.     Continue    

Starch CPMAS