NMR Analysis and Consulting -Testimonials

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"Excellent service, would do business again." 
         Dong-Sook Choi, Senior Research Scientist  Far-Chemical
"I am using the services of NMR analysis and consulting for nearly ten years. It is a pleasure to have their fast, prompt and reliable service for our projects. My best wishes to the team."
          Arunkumar Aeswaran, Beckman Coulter
"I have relied on NMR Analysis and Consulting ( Gary ) in two different industrial positions (pharma and toll manufacturing) over a period that spanned nearly 17 years. Occasionally we needed NMR as a simple confirmation of structure for our target molecules which is relatively straightforward spectroscopy work. More frequently, we needed Gary’s help to identify impurities, co-products, and unknowns. This is where Gary’s knowledge as a seasoned spectroscopist was critical, and his in depth knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry allowed him to understand the objective and recommend appropriate experiments. Based on collaborative discussions, Gary recommended key experiments to distinguish between multiple structural possibilities.

We have solved many difficult structural problems over the years with Gary’s help. He is always professional, courteous and exceedingly knowledgeable. Routine NMR is very competitively priced and Gary can also solve complex structural problems efficiently by the judicious choice of experiments.

If you need someone that knows more than how to make up a sample and push the “GO” button NMR Analysis and Consulting can help you."

Paul Zizelman
Director of Technology
ChemDesign Products Corporation
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