NMR Analysis and Consulting-Services


400 MHz NMR Services
Our main business is to run 400 MHz NMR Spectra. We have a 5 mm broadband probe, on which we can run 1H, 19F, as well as the lower frequency nuclides, 31P to 15N as well as other probes. We run 2D NMR, and the an assortment of 1D techniques. We have the probe and equipment for CPMAS for solid state NMR.
We also perform complex structure elucidations, which may require the use of several NMR techniques, and research. We can also help the client with his research or quality issues.
Laboratory Capability
We have some laboratory capility to augment our NMR analyses e.g. quantitations against primary standards, extractions, concentrations. Some of the procedures we perform for clients require involved sample preparations.
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