NMR Analysis and Consulting - Pricing

Pricing Policy for Routine NMR Runs
Routine 1H - $55 per sample,
Routine 13C - $135 per sample, including DEPT-135
Other abundant nuclides, e.g. 31P, 19F - $60 per sample.

This includes supplies and reporting by e-mail, or US mail. We do add a solvent charge for expensive solvents, e.g. DMF-d7 usually $5-$10 per sample. We will discount for large numbers of routine runs.
Non-Routine NMR Runs
For runs that require over an hour of instrument time we charge $125 per hour. For samples that require overnight runs, $250.00. For most routine 1H quantitations, requiring weighing of samples and standards, $75. We have separate pricing for ad hoc procedures.
We ask $150/hour for spectral interpretations. That rate is greatly dicounted for long term projects. We don't ask anything for quick interpretations and short conversations.
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