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Services and Pricing

We offer basic services such as runing NMR spectra and quantitive analyses.    We also perform more involved problem solving, and structure determinations

Routine Spectra:  

  1H, $50, 19F $50, 31P $50, 13C with DEPT-135 $125.  This includes all supplies and data transmission.  We  have a surcharge for expensive solvents, e.g.   $15 for using DMF-d7.

Overnight Runs:

We have a standard price for overnight runs, 13C, 2D etc. - $250.  Any sample that takes over 2 hours to run will be done overnight.


This includes  time spent on problem solving and interpreting NMR and other data  $150 / hr.


Our Policies

  • Short conversations concerning our clients' analysis issues are gratis.
  • We will happily dicuss any pricing issue with you.
  • Data are sent via e-mail .tnt or .pdf for spectra, MS Excel or Word for reports.
  • Invoices are sent after completion of the work, net30.